You’re Invited To Our Church!

It is our vision at The ROCK to reclaim the Kingdom of God beginning in our own back yard. Along with several other resident Ministries, we believe we can be the arms and legs of God locally. We meet you where ever you are.

Welcome to The ROCK Christian Fellowshp. We are a multi-cultural, Kingdom focused Ministry in Long Beach, California. 

Our Mission Purpose is to: 'BUILD, TEACH, ENGAGE & EMPOWER"

On behalf of our entire ROCK family, we are excited as well as blessed that you took a minute to visit our Ministry online. It is our prayer that during your visit here, you are introduced to our passion, ministries and Kingdom vision.

I believe everything God does has a purpose, plan and prophetic design to it. So, if that is in fact His proven modus operandi, then you visiting our Website on this exact date, at this exact time (even if you found it by accident) was part of God's overall plan for your life.

Amazingly, your brief visit here is part of an enormous blueprint God published for your life, at the exact same time He framed the universe. ¨It's hard to imagine that even this simple online visit was in the consciousness of God.

So now that you are here, I would ask that you don't leave without doing three things: First, offer an immediate prayer for our continued relevance, patience, community and Kingdom assignments. Secondly, after you have prayed for us, allow us to do the same for you and your life. On Mondays at 6:30PM and Wednesdys at 5:00AM joins us on our Prayer & Determination phone calls. Call 1.641.715.0861 || Enter Access Code 428308#

And finally, share our vision and upcoming ministry events with your family and friends. We would love to have you join us for one of our weekly services.

Thank you for your visit.

I pray we will see you in the near future. Until then, may God's Peace and Favor rest upon you.

Blessings, Gregory Sanders,
Sr. Pastor, The ROCK